Quality Policy

The mission of Mancor is to manufacture and deliver defect free products and services in a timely and cost effective manner to meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.

Quality Approach


Mancor believes that quality starts at the top, and everyone at Mancor is responsible for quality.

All Mancor plants are IATF16949 or ISO9001 Certified because it helps us – not just for the banner.

The Mancor PA, Indiana and RWD, Ohio, SC plants have all achieved IATF16949 certification with the components of the process being implemented in the remaining plants. Mancor believes that the IATF16949 program embraces good principles and acts as a guideline for ensuring consistent decisions in various business situations.

Our Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process and quality plan is critical to the success of our business

In order to ensure compliance with our quality standards, and to know our process capability we have invested in modern measuring equipment, including co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM) and Ferro-Arms. Understanding process variation and capability is the key to designing process that produce defect free materials.